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hey guys so i want to make money somehow and so i submit a t-shirt design and i will be doing that until i win so for like the next year or so because obvs i’m not going to win the first time and stuff, but would you vote for me if I asked? I JUST sent it in, so it’s pending approval but if it gets accepted will you? 

what i’ve been thinking of doing is having a giveaway like if you can tell me your username and you voted or something like that then i’ll put your name on this master list 5 times and if you reblog the post i’ll put you on there, too, but only once and then like don’t reblog it too much that’s dumb, and i think i’d give away 4 tshirts and a handwritten Hogwarts letter and you get to choose the t-shirts duh and how does that sound 

btw don’t reblog THIS because this isn’t the thingey i just wanted feedback for this idea because i really want to get my name out there for designing, and also i’d like to make money for college and senior trip and life 

suggestions and ideas for how to do this giveaway business would be much appreciated yes 

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